Pole Fitness - The Ultimate Workout for Modern-Day Women!

Pole FitnessĀ®

Are you looking for an original and complete fitness training?polefitnessles

Then Pole Fitness® is the perfect workout. Improve your strength and endurance simultaneously with a non-ordinary sport. You learn spectacular spins and choreographies in an accessible way and a short period of time, encouraged by the other members of your group. Improve your fitness, muscle power, sense of rhythm, and become more confident. Without noticing you push your boundaries, so after a lesson you can’t wait for the next one.

A complete program guides you step by step through the most extraordinary techniques that give you an incredible feeling. This program premises working in methodical and didactic responsible ways. Founder Denise Mulder used to work as a commercial business manager and developed the Pole Fitness® program in 2004. This was right after she was crowned twice as world champion pole dancing and was overwhelmed by requests from women who wanted to pole dance for fitness. Obviously, Denise is proud of the fact that fitness centers of different Universities as well as 40 gyms/dance studios rated and embraced the program and the techniques.

What is Pole Fitness®?

Pole Fitness® is the ultimate workout for the modern day woman and distinguishes itself by combining both cardio and strength training. Pole techniques and gogo-aerobics make your movements look graceful and aerodynamic. You will be amazed to see how many muscles you need and how fast you will master the techniques and movements. A complete workout by which you feel your improvements every week

After a specific warm up followed by gogo-aerobics you automatically move on to the pole techniques. Without noticing but particularly thoughtful you work towards the peak in the training hour. The cool down releases the tense from your muscles and enhances your flexibility which will benefit you the next lesson.



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