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Pole Fitness® Instructor trainings

Teaching is a profession. To be able to teach Pole fitness® class it is therefore not only important to master the pole techniques yourself, but even more to be able to explain, guide and support. Moreover, every class should start with a proper warm-up and end with a cool-down. For fitness instructors this is evidential, but in practice there are unfortunately many classes where this is insufficient.

Warming up:

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Pole techniques:

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 What does a licensed instructor entail and what are the benefits?

The Pole fitness® program consists of 4 levels:

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Every level consists of 4 instructor trainings; for example Basic I, Basic II, Basic III and Basic IV. As a licensed Pole fitness® instructor, you will receive a manual after each training with the techniques that were covered in the training. Each manual consists of pictures and descriptions.

The Pole fitness® instructor training starts with a Basic I training. This training covers all information you need to start up Pole fitness® lessons and to master the Pole fitness® techniques. The Basic I training is taught in small groups (max. 4 persons per master trainer) so that we can  we de training zo goed mogelijk kunnen afstemmen en indelen.

During the Basic I training the level of teaching is determined. This way, it is possible that an instructor after the Basic I training moves on to an Intermediate or Advanced level.

After the Basic I training, the Basic II, III en IV follow. With the intermediate level, techniques get harder and more complex. People will then need more power and endurance. Therefore, it is important that a Pole fitness® instructor can analyze the techniques and support the clients well. Furthermore, it is important that the instructor can cope with several different levels within on class. This all applies to the Advanced en Extreme techniques as well.


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